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Separatist or not

Is it or is not our separatist political movement

Well, it is not necessarily that our movement is a separatist, but saying that there would some members of which are fun separatist example that no longer celebrates the Franco-Ontarian flag, others have the right to celebrate Franco-Ontarian flag and also other have no desire to celebrate the Franco-Ontarian flag it not tried but it does not mean that are separatists.

What does that mean separatist

This is a political act that occurs when an area (not a State) comes off more or less unitary state.

In Quebec, the term is commonly associated with various movements or parties, most notably the Parti Québécois and the Bloc Québécois. Its use is sometimes contested in favor of "sovereignist" or "separatism" because Quebec is a federal entity and not a region. Example, if the yes wins one of two referendums on sovereignty that mean that the province declares its on a country, it would be things that will lose and bad for Canada.

But rest assured, we must not forget that our county can not become a province, the day of the referendum, as souverainistre which links Ontario. As was said in the objective of FIMUCPR when the yes won the referendum on the independence of the Federation-United Counties of Prescott and Russell, it is not immediately becomes a province, immediately after that it probably would have priority to do, we will find a way to find the money to form an office to begin to fix things before it will to some months or years when our county is ready to become the second French-speaking province in Canada in the future, but not that it will be in 2017.