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Project of the future Francophone symbol

Something of our future province

If ever Ontario could not do what can now, as he not think the election campaign this happens then if he is certain of his promises. Finally, our movement includes what Ontario could do because it depends that there is some priorities you (the people of our county) prefer to start before trying the biggest priorities if our county was a province, for example.

Here are the promises of the election campaign 2014

Here are the promises that had told the Ontario election campaign 2014 Glengarry-Prescott-Russell in the media, but believe it or not reassure you we not trying to complain about what had not been done in Ontario this is an example, if it happens to you it's a good idea for our future Canadian province when it's your decision when you want:

1. Enlargement of 17 road of Rockland.

2. The revival of the French school of agriculture of the Alfred College, if it ever starts to be bankrupt.

If you have questions and you have ideas that you need our county, contact us where on the founding leader of the Facebook page by clicking this: 7. Without forgot, I continue being written that I speak to you no future for our future second Canadian francophone province.

Some projects what you think

Here we will discuss some project ideas for the future of our future second Canadian francophone province:

1. Build probably a railroad that follows Highway 17, if we find that it is a good idea to visitors discovered the outside area as a visit or just a trip when people are going to go Ottawa, Rockland, Hawkesbury, Rigaud and Montreal. If you find that there are many things that you need to start, and we are not required to create this idea is correct.

2. We have an idea for the victims of judicial error and those suffering from mental health for some things that had not yet done so that it is they who requests the authorities explained that had suddenly strange to think bad because instead that is in prison and freedom is to build a building that would like something to keep taking care of business until a day if one of them will be better and that other are released slowly, much like the people who came out of the mental hospital. We still talk about it more than we are being written.

3. Build probably a university and a college. If it costs money and has not much when our county will be province is correct.

4. Right for teens aged 16 to decide their choice the change character (personality) that can lead alone by car during some weeks after. For insurance, it will be the decision of the parents, but if they refuse themselves, they can ask one of the other members of the family who resists the new province. If teenagers 16 years refuse to change their character, they can not drive alone and begins to spend his choice of G1, G2 and G.

5. Let us know what you think if it's a good idea to have a date PROVINCIAL fixed election date every 3 years a few days before the end of May. But if there is a fiancière crisis is correct when it is 4 or 5 years after the election.

6. We believe in trying to do a job creation as a person translates a movie or a Canadian series in French and another reflecting film or series Quebec in English and it depends on the people who voice their interesting dispute and to double the original actors in a dubbing studio, a person who becomes an inspector inspects homes and see which deals with pets and even become a cameraman and also some jobs (not an actor) to cinema and TV series.

7. linguistic minority is entitled when they will want an organization and resource as francophone minorities in provinces and territories and the English inukophone territory (that mean the Inukitut) Nunavut such as: who will have the validity of a law assembly or association of the Anglophone and also do an English flag after the new province of the United Counties of Prescott and Russell will declare.

I'll just tell you that this product is not yet over, I'm out of ideas and if you have any questions that I fessais happy to answer me on my Facebook page and you lay your comment above.