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Logo of our political movement.

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Prescott and Russell a province ?

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What kind of name for a political party of our movement ?

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Currently when Prescott and Russell is a county, is can he participant the council of the Federation of Canada ?

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Welcome to the Wikia Edit

Welcome to FIMUCPR (Federation-Independance Mouvement United Counties of Prescott and Russell)

It is a political movement whose goal is to make our county becoming a predominantly French-speaking province (but bilingual) Canadian, Ontario County (formerly Upper Canada) since 1820. I will explain what is a federation -Independence, first federation mean that a region want to become a province of Canada and not a country and independence mean that county prefers to work things out for ourselves before becoming a Canadian province.

For questions, contact on Facebook or leader of the founder of our political movement on his email, to visit a page Project of the future and you can put your comments to one of the pages of our wiki and it's your choice whether or not to write your name.

Without forgot, you can be a member of our movement by clicking this: : .

Some sentences have spelling mistakes as it was translated by Google translation.

Languages :

Here are the languages of Wiki MFICUPR, you can if you want to visit these wikis: :

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